• Business Gravity is an accounting, taxation and management
  • advisory services organization. It provides the following services:
  • Accounting & Taxation.
  • Business Succession Strategies.
  • Deferred Compensation Plans.
  • Business Plans.
  • Sales Scripts & Coaching.
  • Marketing Strategies.
  • Organizational Behavior Recognition & Coaching.
  • Seminar design and implementation.
  • Risk Management(Including Captive Insurance Companies)
  • ·​Crowdfunding. (Visit www.CrowdfundingGravitas.com for a detailed
  • description of our ​services in this area.)

I cannot tell a lie!

​​​​Mission Statement

What We Do.

Mission Statement & What We Do.

     Business Gravity

​Our Philosophy

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Business Gravity.Biz.

.We will return all phone calls and answer all emails within twenty-four hours of their receipt.

​.If there is an urgent matter, clients may call us after normal business hours and we will contact you as soon as possible.
.We are committed to professional development and will stay current on all areas of taxation, accounting and advisory services performed on behalf of our clients.
​.We work on an agreed flat fee in order to insure that you feel comfortable  about contacting us without hearing the tic of the clock.
.Disbursements, if any, will be subject to your approval.
.If your needs are outside the scope of our expertise, we will use our best efforts to connect you with an advisor that has the right pedigree.
​.We are a fee your service organization and do not sell commission based products.

An advocate for using business systems.